krogerfeedbackKrogerFeedback customer survey is an initiative from Kroger Feedback Company to receive the survey and feedback report directly from the customers at

The main reason that customer satisfaction survey is very popular and accepted among its customers is that participation in the Kroger Feedback Survey will automatically register customers in a lucky draw where they can easily win $100 to $ 5,000 of credit cards.

At the end of the successful survey, the customer can purchase gift cards, food cards, etc. These gifts or coupons can be redeemed to any Kroger store.

           Enter Kroger Survey             or            Give Feedback

Also, KrogerFeedback is an online feedback platform that is launched by Kroger. On Kroger Feedback website, the customers can take part in the survey and feedback process.

KrogerFeedback Survey Requirements

KrogerFeedback survey is managed by Kroger, which is available at, and this survey or feedback will help you to earn up to 50 fuel points.

Please understand these eligibility criteria that can help you to access website.

  • The very first requirement is that you will need a smartphone or Laptop with an active internet connection.
  • The only two available languages are English and Spanish
  • Your minimum age should be 18 years.
  • You have to participate in the survey in less than 7 days after your last purchase at any Kroger Store.

These bonus fuel points can be redeemed in future while you make any purchases from Kroger. Gift for groceries, Kroger fuel points or Kroger digital items that can be used to make purchases online at the website.

PurposeTo improve the customer experience.
Rewards50 Kroger Fuel Points Balance
$5000 Cash Reward
Age Limit Minimum 18 Years
Eligible StatesAll states are eligible excluding Florida and New York.
LimitTo enter the survey within 7 days

How to Take Part in Survey?

  1. For participating in the survey KrogerFeedback, Log in at
  2. Enter the date and time of the visit, and also enter the “Entry ID” that is listed in your purchase receipt.
  3. Now, you will need to answer the question that is displayed on the website.
  4. You have to provide your valuable ratings from 1 to 10.
  5. Provide overall satisfaction with Kroger during your last visit to the store.
  6. Evaluate cleanliness, friendliness of staff, overall environment, etc
  7. Also rate the availability of goods, the quality of the goods purchased, the total cost of the paid price, and the accuracy of your order.
  8. Did you face any problem visiting the store? Click “Yes” to write a detailed complaint about these services at
  9. Please rate your chances to visit the store again within the next 30 days.
  10. Also, submit some information to win the prize.
  11. Congratulations! You are now eligible to win the unique validation code to redeem Kroger’s 50 fuel points in balance and you have also entered the lottery to win the Kroger Gift Card balance of $ 5000.

Questions Asked in Kroger Feedback & Survey

We have provided the glimpse of the questions that can be asked on the official website Please understand that the company can change the questionnaire at any time without notice.

  1. Initially, you are asked to confirm the location of Kroger Store that you visited last time
  2. Now, you have to rate your shopping experience on from 1 to 5, (5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest score)
  3. Here, you have to rate: environment, cleanliness, and friendliness of the staff at the store.
  4. Now, please rate the products and items that are available at the store.
  5. How was the quality and the price was reasonable or not?
  6. Now onwards, you have to give some personalized answered based on the questionnaire.
  7. Please enter your Kroger Loyalty Card Number.
  8. Provide information like your name, address, and phone number.
  9. Click on the submit to finally receive your 50 Kroger Fuel points.
  10. You are by default entered into the lucky draw to win $5000 cash prize.

What is Kroger Fuel Points?

Kroger Store mainly offers two types of fuel points, which are Kroger 50 fuel points and Kroger bonus fuel.

It offers Kroger fuel points offered using Kroger Feedback website. Also, you can expect a range of services, and the company will release free money to show gratitude to its loyal customers by offering a chance to provide survey through Kroger Feedback. Anyone who wins the competition can claim the cash prize of $5000, also all others will receive gift cards, as well as 50 fuel points.

But giving away free fuel points is not the real motive of Kroger Company, the real reason is to maintain the service in the top position and deliver high-quality customer satisfaction. The company has recently started such a competition to create enthusiasm for its loyal customers and also get the valuable review to improve its services at all the Kroger Stores.

Kroger Feedback Customer Service

If you are facing any kind of problem while using survey then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with our customer service support team.

Toll Free number – 1-800-576-43770

Monday – Friday: 8 AM to Midnight EST

Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST

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  1. As a long time, loyal customer, I regularly shop at the Kroger oat 5900 East Lake Pkwy McDonough, GA 30253. Manager Jim Pusateri always made sure that sale items were ordered in sufficient quantities to meet, at least the initial demand. I went to the store this Wednesday, the 1st day of the sale, and multiple items were out of stock. I asked to speak to Jim, and was told he had been moved to another location. I find this unacceptable, and Very frustrating. Jim has only been gone a few weeks, and the store is already in decline. Several of my fellow shoppers voiced the same concerns, as we all tried to locate sale items and assistance. This is truly a black eye for your brand, and I truly hope you take this as heartfelt, constructive input.

  2. I am a long time Fry’s customer of the Scottsdale store at 90th & Shea. Today I picked up an Rx for myself which was phoned in last week. This was my third time coming to the store to pick up this Rx for generic Androgel. Some of the delay was caused by having to get a copy of the Rx from the physician. Then there was a delay due to not actually having what your system said you had. Then there was a delay because you did not have the generic. Three times on three different days is excessive. So last night I phoned in another Rx for Xaralto 20mg. This was to be ready today after noon. Nope, didn’t have it. Tomorrow after three. Your staff at the pharmacy are excellent. I believe that you are not carrying enough inventory. Both of the above meds are very expensive. The Xaralto is a popular med. I’m losing patience.

  3. Dear Kroger-
    I was so happy to have the new Kroger at the intersection of Battlefield Blvd and Cedar Road and could not wait to be able to finally get Boar’s Head deli meats close to home. I really like the brightness of the new store and I was happy to see so many familiar favorite Farm Fresh employees back in employment. I’m thrilled to have so many Ukrop’s products available, too. I was dismayed at how small the deli was as I already face this at the Food Lion and Walmart Grocery on Cedar Road and their lack of choices and their lack of Boar’s Head products. Then, to my amazement, I found that this store is not carrying any Boar’s Head deli meats:( I now have to drive right on past Kroger to go to Harris Teeter to get my meats and it is so inconvenient to drive that far! My kids only eat Boar’s Head deli products, so it would be so helpful for me if you carried these products. For now, unless I have an urge for a Ukrop’s product, I’ll keep going to Walmart or Food Lion for regular shopping (as I’ve done since Farm Fresh closed) and Harris Teeter for the Boar’s Head deli meats. Please let me know when you start stocking Boar’s Head so I can start shopping regularly at Kroger, which I would certainly prefer!
    Ritta Cunningham

  4. The new Kroger on Battlefield would be wonderful to shop at (I like the layout, people, bright lights, selection on most products) if you carried Boar’s Head deli meats. The deli is certainly lacking and I have to drive right past Kroger to go Harris Teeter to buy my deli meats and cheeses.

  5. When you go to a Super Kroger like in northern Suffolk you are let down by the tiny version that just opened in Suffolk, I love Boar’s Head Deli meats. Disapponited I couldn’t get any at this location. I did like the Edwards’ ham and Cracker Barrel deli turkey. I over heard many complaining about nto getting fresh subs. Please consider adding Boar’s Head Deli meats. Thanks for listening.

  6. I had one of the worst and rudest experiences today at City Market, S. Townsend, Montrose, CO. The cashier was Justice Z. at 3:17pm, 11/9/18.
    First an “older” man swooped up behind me in line and before I had time to unload even 1/2 of my items he put the divider out and started loading his items onto the conveyor. Twice I had to push back his items to allow room for mine. I finally said something to him and he just shrugged me off and said the conveyor kept going and it wasn’t going to stop until something got to the end.

    I asked the cashier to please stop the conveyor so I could load my items onto it. His response was cocky “We just let the robots do the work. They know what is best”. This was just down right rude. On top of it I then had to bag all my items myself.

    Even though I received coupons and incentives to shop at City Market, I will think twice before stopping there again.
    I expect management to rectify this situation and not let it happen again.

  7. My experience at Kroger in Richland, MS was excellent. I am very pleased with the Private Selection brands and the organic brands offered at this location. The staff is well trained, are always friendly and helpful.

    It is just not okay-. Safe food matters! Marianos in Northfield Illinois just does not care-or is inept or both. Today I learned my negative experiences with Marianos are not isolated- On the local Nextdoor app for the communities of Northfield, Wilmette, and Winnetka Illinois, I have read almost 50 comments -in 2 days -from consumers who are fed up with the quality of food, expired products consistently on the shelves and lack of service. How is it possible 6 creamers with an expiration date of 8-2018 are on the shelf in November? How is it possible I purchase a 6 pack of Coke and it is flat? How is it possible for a customer to place a catering order in advance only to have the store call to say the product is not available the day it was needed?
    The Village of Northfield has acknowledged the ongoing problems-and their frustration there are no improvements after they have contacted the Kroger Representative.
    One neighbor said all 45 complaints were forward to your home office-I sure hope this is true.
    Kroger-the complaints are not going away-

  9. I would like to mention here some issues that Canadians face whilst shopping at Frey Meyer stores here in the State of Washington. First of all, you post your flyer on the website very late at night, so that Canadians who go shopping the State of Washington next day cannot see what deals are available.
    I have spoken about this matter to the management of the State of Washington, but they do not have control or say in the matter, it comes strictly from Ohio. Maybe you should post your flyer earlier in the day, so that next day when Canadians go shopping, have some ideas or deals that would enhance their shopping.
    If Canadian go shopping, say on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, when your flyer in the operation, management should give consideration regarding price difference, so that the customers are not unhappy. You should give consideration to the price that is posted on Wednesday flyer for Canadians who go shopping on Tuesdays, in stead of Wednesdays, and really speaking there is not much difference to give price consideration on Tuesdays, rather than saying the price for Wednesdays stays. Of course, the Canadians are not asking a lot of difference, surely something is better than nothing. I hope you see my point of view in this matter.
    I am really hoping that somebody could call me and speak about this matter so that we have satisfaction in customer service that is offered even at McDonald’s.
    My number is 01-604-525-5985. Thank you

  10. I shopped at the Defiance store 11/14/18. Signs of specials were up all over. When I got home I noticed that I was charged wrong. Back to the store I go this morning (I work third shift). I was told ad had changed (even though signs were up) and customer service opens at 8. Then she walks away. Really good customer service. I tried to do a survey but couldn’t figure out the
    Entry I’d.

  11. Just got off the phone with Lois (customer service desk). Was in on 11/10/18 and purchased 451.06 worth of groceries. When I returned home, I realized I did not have the celery or leeks I had purchased. I use the self-checkout and must have left the bag with those 2 items on the bag “carousel”.
    I had thought everyday about calling, and of course the day took the memory from me.
    Lois was very gracious and told me to simply come in with the receipt and I could get the celery & leeks. Hoping to get there today.
    I actually (very many years ago) worked at that very Kroger when it opened. And have enjoyed being a Kroger customer for years.

  12. I went to a Smith’s store in Bountiful Utah today. I needed some paper dessert plates and ice for Thanksgiving. A wonderful worker helped me find the right ice, and then she checked me out through the self serve check out lane. She didn’t need to do that. But her warmth as well as her assistance were totally voluntary and very much appreciated.

  13. i just involved in a evacuation at Kroger’s Hikes Point. i will Kroger’s a D- .
    a alarm want off and everyone look around to see what was going on.
    i was at the front of the store near the produce, all employees just continued working.
    after a couple of minutes of looking around i went to get some lettuce, and walked to the checkout area.
    i saw about a dozens employees leave the building.
    i went to a checkout lane then back to the U check and wanted in line,
    alarm still going off, more employees left the building
    after 6 to 7 minutes some employees came and ask customers to leave their groceries and carts and leave the building.
    no announcements were ever made.
    i’m in the construction field were safety is NO, 1
    customer safety was not NO 1 today.
    employees took care of themselves first and announcements should have been made.
    luckily no one was hurt
    when i did go back in the store the employees were hard to find.

  14. Since the store has been remolded the help that is in the store doesn’t even know where items are if you are lucky enough to find someone working it seemed like today that there were probably about 5 people and 3 of them were in the meat department the cashier told me there were more than that I thought that if there were they must have been on break
    If you want to get ahold of me my cell phone number is 618 315 2811

  15. I’ve shopped at Krogers for over 50 years I’ve tried other stores but I always come back to Kroger their milk is the best I use a lot of Kroger brands saves money and the food is good I will continue shopping at Kroger’s

  16. I am furious at the way you handle the fuel points – you ALWAYS take the current months points instead of last month’s points that are about to expire so the customer never gets the full value of the points because they never accrue. Every single time I ask the cashier to use the previous months points and they always say that it is automatic – so instead of getting 80 cents off I get 5 cents off and the points expire and I have to try again the next month and it happens every single time.

  17. I had worst experience at the Paseo and Golf Course store in Albuquerque NM
    BUSY and person who waited on me was stressed and not helpful

  18. The Naperville, IL location is rapidly going downhill. Once again I had to finish my shopping by going to Jewel-Osco across the street.

  19. Very clever of Kroger in New Haven, IN to lock 2 or 3 doors in the morning in an attempt to deter customers from entering. Employees wandering around looking at you don’t even bother to direct you to an unlocked door. How about a sign posted on locked doors that states “this door locked between X and X time”? or “Store hours: X to X. Use other door”

  20. I want to commend Floyd Shaw for his honesty and kindness, as I dropped my wallet in the store. He noticed that and in a heartbeat, he patted my shoulder, handing me my wallet.

    Please make sure to recognize his kindness!

  21. I was once again was overcharged $5.48 on a markdown meat. This time I got home before checking my receipt. That will not happen again. I have in the past been charged for 10 watermelon when I only had one in my cart. Have been charged $14.99 for a bag of chips that was $1.49 and so on. You would think with automated scanners this would not happen. This is not a rate thing, happens every couple of months.

  22. Am I valued as a customer? It sure doesn’t feel like it when twice in two days the wait in line to purchase less than 10 items was at least 10 minutes! Why must customers with a few items be subjected to waiting behind carts full of groceries because corporate refuses to open the fast check outs on weekends? Today was a prime example: checkers having to bag the groceries rather than carry out clerks thus slowing the time and with a store full of people, NO fast check out lane open. Really? Give me 10% off the total and I’ll be my own clerk! The self service check outs are a bother, often occur problems and today there were even lines to access them. Greed, avarice, lack of customer service is what I chalk it up to.

    IF I wanted to shop at a store with few clerks, inferiors produce and lack of customer service, there is always Walmart or Safeway. Given the path King Soopers is taking, it is closer to my home and more convenient to go to Walmart or Safeway and corporate’s attitude regarding fast check out lanes is pushing me toward this option.

  23. I shop regularly at the Harrison, OH Kroger Store. I am always very satisfied with this store. Last night I shopped primarily in your vegetable and fruit department. I have never seen it lacking so many items along with it appearing disorganized. You did not even have bananas. I went to customer service to find out if there was an issue and the woman behind the desk had no other reason then the trucks did not show up. The store was very busy and I am sure that customers left unhappy. In fact, I am in business for myself and my client who just left said he shopped at that store last night said he was going to Jungle Jims to shop because he said he visited the Harrison store last night and “they did not even have bananas”.

  24. Kroger is truly a family store. It has all the family needs. And more,

    1, they are very friendly
    2, they will help you load your groceries.
    3, and they have competitive prices.
    PS. And thank heaven for their Plus card.

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