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Please follow the below-given instructions to directly enter into feedback and customer survey website. Also, it’s possible to give your feedback in the comment section.

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Kroger Feedback Survey Process

Please note the following conditions before giving your feedback.

  • Minimum Age: 18 years.
  • Valid Kroger Purchase Receipt.
  • A receipt is valid for the first seven days only.

A number of questions will be asked at KrogerFeedback website by means of a few pop-up windows that will follow the same format as above. The questions listed are easy to understand and relate to the customer’s overall experience while shopping for the needs at their nearest Kroger stores. The questionnaire requires only a few minutes of the customer.

Step 1: Please visit the official website by using the above button.

Step 2: Now, you need to carefully fill out the information asked on the website. Fill in the receipt number, date and time of purchase, and then enter the start date to proceed with the survey. You can find all this information from your Kroger receipt and make sure your shopping date is not older than seven days.

Step 3: Once the receipt is validated, you have to answer all questions carefully. Be sure to respond according to your knowledge and honestly share your shopping experience.

Step 4: You will be asked to enter your Loyalty card number.

Step 5: Finally, you will receive your rewards, congrats!

We hope that you got all the information that can help you to participate in the survey. Also, please stay away from fake websites which can be harmful to visit. No Kroger employee will ask for any secret information from customers. You can also report such websites by contacting our support team.

6 thoughts on “Survey

  1. I would like to mention here some issues that Canadians face whilst shopping at Frey Meyer stores here in the State of Washington. First of all, you post your flyer on the website very late at night, so that Canadians who go shopping the State of Washington next day cannot see what deals are available.
    I have spoken about this matter to the management of the State of Washington, but they do not have control or say in the matter, it comes strictly from Ohio. Maybe you should post your flyer earlier in the day, so that next day when Canadians go shopping, have some ideas or deals that would enhance their shopping.
    If Canadian go shopping, say on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, when your flyer in the operation, management should give consideration regarding price difference, so that the customers are not unhappy. You should give consideration to the price that is posted on Wednesday flyer for Canadians who go shopping on Tuesdays, in stead of Wednesdays, and really speaking there is not much difference to give price consideration on Tuesdays, rather than saying the price for Wednesdays stays. Of course, the Canadians are not asking a lot of difference, surely something is better than nothing. I hope you see my point of view in this matter.
    I am really hoping that somebody could call me and speak about this matter so that we have satisfaction in customer service that is offered even at McDonald’s.
    My number is 01-604-525-5985. Thank you

  2. I HEARD THAT KROGER WAS GOING TO CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT HERE SOON. THAT WOULD BE A BIG INCONVENIENCE TO ME. I WORK LATE AND DO MY SHOPPING AROUND 1 OR 2 AM. I hope you do not close at midnight. Please keep stores open 24 hours. i live in Bloomington Indiana 47401

  3. This store has improved hundred fold with management changes these last several months. It was your “filthy and nasty” loser of a store. Thank you

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